Maria Veronica
Born 1993
Self taught artist based in London

In my paintings I challenge daily struggles and social traditions. When the harsh reality is overwhelming I turn to fashion illustration for escape. My choice of medium varies from acrylic, gouache, ink, soft pastels, digital and occasionally animation.

I am exploring a new concept inspired by our emotional attachment to plush toys. I find it quite magical how we can give life to a lifeless object.

Plushies protect us when we can’t, they fight all of our childhood monsters and they are always there to support and comfort us. When we grow up, some of us think we need no more support, we feel invincible, we think that the monsters are gone and retire our protectors. We start our new lives confidently only to discover that the monsters are still there in the form of depression, anxiety, stress and fear.

My teddy bears represent people in our lives that support us, they are sometimes deformed from the battles they fight for us. Some bears even represent ourselves, each bear could be anyone we need it to be. Who is your bear?

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